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As hay fever and other allergies become more common, consumers search for ways to combat them. One often overlooked option is radiant heat flooring. Edward J. White is one of the few companies that provide installation and full service for residential radiant heating systems as well as for commerce and industry.

A half-century ago, nearly all buildings were heated with hot water or steam. When forced-air systems were introduced, their space-saving qualities charmed many consumers. Out went the boilers and bulky radiators and in came the duct work and air vents. However, when warm air blows from duct work, it also mobilizes dust, air-born pathogens, and allergens. The solution for many homeowners is to upgrade their forced-air systems with air filtration units and products.

Ironically, it was another of forced-air's disadvantages that helped radiant heat survive. Forced air systems tend to drive heat upwards. Businesses and manufacturers with their high ceilings needed the even-heating properties of radiant heat. With the introduction of baseboard radiators that replaced the traditional large and bulky radiators, radiant heat became even more desirable for all property owners.

The newest and most efficient trend is radiant heat flooring, which allows you to heat and control the temperature of every room in your home from the basement to the top floor. Additionally, when you add a radiant heating system to your building or remodeling plan, an excellent option is to include a radiant snow melting system.

Edward J. White, Inc. installs and services both hot water boilers and steam boilers. Modern boilers, from companies such as Weil McLain and Lochinvar, range from high-efficiency condensing boilers to cast iron boilers. We install and service both radiant slab and radiant floor heating systems.

Let us introduce you to all the benefits of radiant heat systems. Call (574) 289-6351 or Contact us to request one of our free, no-pressure estimates. Edward J. White, Inc.

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