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Commercial Heating & Cooling - Plumbing - South Bend, Indiana

Over the years, one thing we've learned is that, to a great degree, success in business depends upon comfort for employees as well as customers. However, coordinating a comfortable environment for both customers and employees within the confines of your budget can be like teetering on a tightrope. Before you get to the end of your rope, call Edward J. White, Inc.

Our full range of Commercial Heating & Cooling solutions lets you span the gap between employee and
customer comfort without putting your business over the edge. Contact us for:

  1. Snow removal systems for a safe and easy entry into your store.
  2. Entrance air handlers that keep outside temperatures outdoors and provide quick relief from both winter cold and summer heat for your customers.
  3. Indoor climate control systems that keep temperatures moderate year around.
  4. Plumbing appliances that bring clean, modern looks and utility savings to your rest area facilities.

We help you examine all of your options, comparing features to benefits and short-term costs to long-term savings with recommendations based precisely on your needs, preferences, and capabilities. Contact us for our no-pressure estimate to help you find the right balance for your business.

Our certified technicians understand the importance of neatly and efficiently tending to their business so you can carry on with yours.

In addition to new Commercial Heating & Cooling installations and remodeling projects, Edward J. White, Inc. also maintains and services all brands of Commercial Heating & Cooling equipment. Call (574) 289-6351. Your total comfort and satisfaction are our tradition. Edward J. White, Inc.

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  • I have had some emergencies, and some requested service.  I think I have met at least three of your techs.  All of them have been superior, and gave me more than I expected.  Such is the case when Brian showed up on the 9th.  He was new to me.  He diagnosed the problem immediately without any fussing as to where the problem existed.  Tools, drop cloth, materials and supplies where brought in promptly.  He changed the thermocouple, and when finished, he, like all of your people you send, looked for other potential future problems that may create another emergency.  He pointed it out, and with my OK was back early the next morning.

    - Michael P.

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