Still doing business the way we did when we started in 1925.

Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning - Edward J. White, Inc. - South Bend, Indiana

In a world full of specialists, full service often seems to be an old-fashioned concept

Plumbers install sinks, bathroom appliances, lay pipe, and perform plumbing repairs. Climate control experts install, maintain, and repair furnaces and air conditioners.

Not so with Edward J. White, Inc! Although we keep up with the latest technologies and trends, we are a plumbing, heating, and air conditioning company that offers the same friendly, full service and quality as we did when we started back in 1925. We create winning plumbing, heating and a/c solutions for our customers in South Bend, Indiana and beyond to St. Joe, Marshall county, and Niles.

At Edward J. White, Inc., our vintage game plan is simple

We start by asking questions and listening to your answers. Our reputation for providing no-pressure estimates ensures that your comfort is always in first-place with Edward J. White, Inc. If our free estimates are out of your ballpark, we simply call the game—no harm, no foul.

Our "pitchers" will never throw you a curve ball

In fact, we don't "pitch". We coach. Just like our entire sales and service team, our estimators are experienced, well-trained, and highly qualified in all aspects of our business. They bring the best available quality plumbing, heating, and air-conditioning solutions to your home or business: solutions from experienced pros like Bryant, Armstrong, American Standard, and Lochinvar that will put your plumbing, heating, or a/c problem out to pasture!

We cover all plumbing, heating, and air conditioning bases

When you need repairs or maintenance, prompt and dependable service is also a tradition with Edward J. White, Inc. Whether your needs are residential, commercial, or industrial, we are as close as your telephone or the mouse under your fingertips. Experience the comfort that old-fashioned, full-service backed by classic quality brings to your home or business. Call (574) 289­6351 or click here to touch base with Edward J. White, Inc.

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  •  Dear Joe, Jack & Steve,

    We are extremely pleased with the plumbing work you just performed for us.  You all are very skilled & knowledgeable, not to mention kind & courteus & highly professional.  We are thrilled with the now excellent water pressure in our kitchen, that Jack could repaire our existing Grohe faucets (allowing us to return the new Moen ones we ordered) & also that our shower works so much better!  We have no more water hammer at our dishwasher & are confident Steve has fixed our boiler problems.  We really appreciate his upgrades & improved layout (moved pump, gauge location, fill line) - everything looks great!  And his confidence that our boiler is in great condition was very reassuring to hear.

    I don't typically send notes when paying on invoice, but felt it important to let you know that your work is awesome & we feel so fortunate to have several long time issues resolved.

    Thanks again!

    - Doug & Cathy H.

No Pressure Sales!

We believe you should have time to think and decide before you commit.

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