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Industrial HVAC Systems - South Bend, Indiana

While the private sector is busy "keeping up with the Joneses" many US industries are struggling to keep in compliance with ever-changing codes and regulations. Industrial HVAC systems and plumbing solutions can be complex, requiring low-volume, specialty products for unique industrial design considerations. That's where our experience in industrial HVAC and plumbing comes into play.

From plan and spec to design build and through installation Edward J. White, Inc. has the expertise to tap the resources you need. A union shop, Edward J. White Inc. employs the knowledgeable, experienced, and job certified personnel that allows us to solve your Industrial HVAC and plumbing problems with speed, confidence and ease.

Contact us for new construction, remodels, renovations, and system upgrades. Our reputation
for doing the job right the first time comes not only from our longevity in the plumbing and
HVAC business
, but also stems from estimators who know how to ask the right questions and
listen intently to your answers before they clearly present all of your options. Our experience
assures you that our recommendations are solidly based on successful Industrial HVAC and plumbing technologies.

From rooftop units to geo thermal systems and from water supply systems to industrial piping, Edward J. White, Inc. offers a complete range of plumbing and HVAC equipment. We also maintain and service all makes and models of Industrial HVAC and plumbing equipment.

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  • I wanted to drop you a line thanking you for the great service.

    God works in mysterious ways!

    Had my furnace blower motor not gone out on a Saturday (I Had the NIPSCO service plan, but they couldn't find anyone to respond) so I called you and as always you did respond.  Your very competent service tech (Adam Smith) not only took care of my problems but also pointed out my furnace was 27 years old and had outived safe operating life.  He pointed out that I needed more and better carbon monoxide detectors which I immediately did.

    He recommended I replace it and offered to get me a quote.  Again, thank God I decided it was a good idea to replace it then.  Making a long story short, when they pulled the old unit out, they pointed out three of the heat exchangers were cracked wide open.  I had been having dizzy spells and off balance.  I have a spinal condition which has those side effects so I just thought that's what it was.  Well, I no longer have those issues.  I was getting carbon monoxide poisoning.

    I and my family believe this incident saved my life.  I thank your company for responding and Adam for being so convincing about carbon monoxide poisoning (the silent killer).


    T. Gyuriak Sr. 

    - T. Gyuriak Sr.

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