The best way to explain our No-Pressure Sales Estimates is to begin by telling you what you won't get from Edward J. White, Inc.:

  1. You won't get the "hard sell".
  2. You won't get the "soft sell".

You will get a detailed estimate that describes your project, the best available solutions, and your options in getting the results you want. Our years of experience show us that the way to get and keep your business is to assure your complete satisfaction starting with your first contact.

No Pressure Sales

We start by asking questions and listening to your answers.

We ask some of them when we answer your first phone call. When our estimator comes to your door, you'll sit down and discuss your ideas and your concerns about your project. Then, our estimator thoroughly examines your existing systems and equipment.

We don't offer over-the-counter solutions to your HVAC and plumbing needs.

  • We don't think with our calculators at your kitchen table. We take the time to custom quote each project because we find that kitchen table quotes often provide only short-term solutions to long-term needs. We know that "one size doesn't fit all" and most likely will not fit your project. Our estimator takes your information back to our office to prepare a detailed quote that suggests the best products and procedures that fit your individual job requirements.
  • We go into painstaking detail in our quotes because we don't change them mid-stream. While generic painkillers may work as well as branded, we find that templated quotes generally cause more pain than they relieve. We don't want to leave out a thing that will come back mid-project and take a bite out of either you or us. From our preferred solution to your alternate options, our quotes cover every aspect of your project from the initial expense to your long-term investment.

Once completed, our estimator hand-delivers your quote in a package that contains brochures and other information on the products and procedures we suggest. Again, you'll sit down together, this time to discuss our game plan. Our estimator will describe our proposal in detail, carefully listening and responding to your questions.

We encourage you to get a second or third estimate and, if you have, we will cordially help you go through each of them to be sure you are comparing "apples to apples."

"We don't pitch. We coach."

That's what we told you on our home page. At this point, our philosophy really swings into action because we know that you are the umpire. We've heard that if we don't close the sale when we present our plan, we won't close it at all. We find that is not true.

We hope you'll recognize that we build real value into each quote we bring you. We don't pump up our prices in order to offer a mock-discount if you "sign today." We will never ask you to make an on-the-spot decision.

When you are satisfied that you have all the information you need, our estimator will simply leave so that you can study our proposal at your leisure. In a day or two, we'll call you to be sure that we have answered all questions to your satisfaction. Complete satisfaction with absolutely no pressure—that's the tradition of good business you'll always get from Edward J. White, Inc.

We want to make sure you get the value and final product you deserve. Because we know that purchasing a new furnace, air conditioner, other HVAC or plumbing system is a major financial investment, we want to be certain that if you award us the job, we get it right the first time.

Call (574) 289-6351 or click here to request a no-pressure sales estimate from Edward J. White, Inc.

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