Edward J. White, Inc. in South Bend, IN. Whether it's Residential, Commercial or Industrial, Plumbing, Heating or A/C we can help.

The service you need, the reliability you want.

A Tradition of Exceptional Service

At Edward J. White, Inc. we have earned a reputation for doing the job right the first time. Even so, whether because of age, use, or a need for general maintenance, at some point all products need expert attention.

When you need service, depend on Edward J. White, Inc. to assure your complete satisfaction. The average length of employment of our service team members is 14 years. Our service team is friendly, knowledgeable, and highly trained from the person who answers the phone to the neat, clean, and drug-free technician who responds to your call.

Our commitment to exceptional service shows in our customer testimonials. We see your job through from start to finish and make sure that your unit or system performs up to your expectations.

 The Best Offense is a Good Defense

Our complete service plans keep your systems operating at peak efficiency. They extend the life of your equipment, save energy costs, and provide you with priority service as well as discounts on labor and materials.

Our tradition of exceptional service goes beyond new product installations. We service all makes and models of equipment. Rely on us for a full range of plumbing, heating, and air conditioning services for all customers: Residential (R), Commercial (C), and Industrial (I).

Service Means Full-Service at Edward J. White, Inc

Air Conditioning - R, C, I
Gas system testing - R, C, I
Rooftop Units - C, I
Air Handlers - C, I
Heat pumps - R, C, I
Sewer gas leak detection - R, C, I
Air Rotation Units - C, I
Hot water boilers - R, C, I
Sinks - R, C, I
Bathtubs - R, C, I
Iron filters - R, C
Snow melt systems - R, C, I
Chillers - C, I
Lavatories - R, C, I
Steam boilers - R, C, I
Cooling Towers - C, I
Make up air units - C, I
Toilets - R, C, I
Condensing Units - R, C, I
Oil furnaces - R, C, I
Water filters - R, C, I
Drain piping - R, C, I
Pipe thawing - R, C, I
Water heaters - R, C, I
Drinking Fountains - C, I
Pool filters - R, C, I
Water piping - R, C, I
Electric furnaces - R, C, I
Pool heaters - R, C, I
Water softeners - R, C, I
Gas furnaces - R, C, I
Process Piping - I
Weld Piping - I
Gas piping - R, C, I
Reverse osmosis filters - R, C, I
Whirlpools - R, C, I

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