Air Conditioning Installation and Air Conditioner Repair

Home or business lose it's cool? We can make you feel comfortable again in no time.

Refreshing Solutions that Keep Summertime Temps on Ice

When summer heat makes the living un-easy, call Edward J. White, Inc. for your air conditioning services. Our premier lines of Bryant, Armstrong, and American Standard air conditioners have helped the folks of South Bend, Niles, Marshall, and St. Joe counties keep their cool for decades both at home and work!

From rooftop units for industrial businesses and large commercial business sites to central air systems for residential home use, we offer air conditioner installation & air conditioner repairs for all brands of air conditioning equipment. We also handle PTAC (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner) units—space savers that efficiently cool small office spaces, hotel rooms, and apartments. Split systems can be another option and one of the best ways to cool a room or area that isn't convenient to run duct work to.

Our certified technicians are HVAC installation experts as well as Puron® refrigeration specialists. We can help you compare SEER(1) (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings) Ratings between models and brands to find the air-conditioning unit that provides the results you expect, both in energy efficiency and energy savings. For instance, upgrading an old air conditioner to one with a high SEER Rating and that is the right size for your space can help you save hundreds of dollars in annual energy costs. Air conditioners with high SEER Ratings may make you eligible for home improvement tax credits.

Regular maintenance is also important in keeping your air conditioner at peak efficiency. Our planned service agreements assure you of priority treatment in AC maintenance services on your air conditioning system. If repair services are needed, trust our AC pros who are qualified air conditioning technicians to get you running again.

AC repairs can be as complex as a failed condenser fan motor or as simple as a burned out start/run capacitor. In these instances an HVAC technician will use a voltage tester to troubleshoot. Once in a while a fix is as easy as replacing a blown fuse, but that fuse failing is a warning sign of potentially bigger issues.

While we are there we'll also clean the evaporator coils to make sure the AC unit is working as efficiently as possible.

Whether you are in need of air conditioning installation or air conditioner repair, call (574) 289-6351 or Contact us and schedule a free, no-pressure estimate. Edward J. White, Inc.

Two simple tips to save you money on your cooling bill...

#1 - Change out the filters regularly. 90 days is about right except in dusty environments or if you have a lot of pet hair. This keeps air flowing efficiently which means the air doesn't need to run as long to cool your home or office.

#2 - Raising the thermostat temperature just 1 degree can save you money every month. Compensate by running a ceiling or floor fan to get some air moving in the room even when the air isn't running. It will still feel cool, but won't cost you as much. A fan uses 1/10th the electricity of the AC system.

FAQ's about Air Conditioners

How much should air conditioning installation cost?

Cost of a new unit will vary depending on what the right size unit is for your space to be cooled and the efficiency of the unit. High SEER value units cost a little more, but you'll recoup that cost in your monthly electrical bill savings. If that space also requires you to heat that location, that will get factored into the size of the unit and price as well.

How much air conditioning do I need?

Sizing an air conditioner involves two big factors. The size of the space to be cooled and the heat gain from the surrounding environment. Have a lot of inefficient windows that face West? Walls with very little insulation? You are going to need a bigger A/C unit to combat that heat gain.

What should you look for in an air conditioning installation service?

Years of experience for starters. For instance Edward J. White has been in business since 1925. That's a lot of experience to bring to your air conditioning needs!

Why is my air conditioner making a lot of noise while using it?
Why is my air conditioning making a cracking sound?
Why is air conditioning so expensive to use?

These may all be signs of an older unit that isn't running efficiently. It may be repairable, but it also may be a good time to get our project managers on board and estimate the cost of a new air conditioning unit. The energy savings alone may make this your best option.