What's that smell? Sewer gas is dangerous!

That nasty smell may mean you have a cracked pipe or blocked vent and sewer gas may be building up in your home or business. Call the professionals at Edward J. White to find and fix the problem.

When something smells fishy or like rotten eggs or worse, it is not time to reach for the air freshener. It is time to reach for the phone and call Edward J. White, Inc.

That stench you smell may be sewer gas, which is a mixture of household and/or industrial wastes that contains nasty elements like methane, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and sulfur dioxide.*

Sewer gas can enter your home through a floor drain, a leaking or blocked roof-top plumbing vent, or a crack in your home's foundation. Although it usually accumulates in your basement, eventually it will mingle with the air throughout your home.

As if the smell is not bad enough, sewer gas poses some real danger to your health and your home in the forms of hydrogen sulfide poisoning and asphyxiation. Worst of all, sewer gas is highly explosive.

While you may be able to locate the point of entry, often the leak that causes the odor comes from a faulty gas vent or cracked piping behind your walls. Don't risk your health or your home. Call Edward J White, Inc. for sewer gas detection.

Our sewer gas detection equipment forces colored smoke through your pipes to quickly and accurately find the leak. We have the trained personnel and equipment needed to rid your home of sewer gas odor and the toxic waste that causes it. Call (574) 289-6351. Edward J. White, Inc.

* Sewer Gas - Wisconsin Department of health Services