No More Shoveling Snow - Snow Melting Systems to the Rescue!

Don't let snow get you down. A snow melting system will keep your sidewalk & driveway free of ice and snow.

We Help Take the Slippery Out of Winter

Remember Jack and Jill? "Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after!"

No doubt, that hill they climbed was a slippery slope in the middle of winter! Well, that was then and this is now!

Now, you can enjoy the beauty of new-fallen snow in winter without worry about slipping, sliding, or falling. Our snow melting systems radiate heat from under your pavement to remove snow and ice to keep your driveways, walkways, and outdoor living areas clean, clear, and safe for travel.

  • No more shoveling.
  • Keep the grill out! You'll be able to grill on your patio year round.
  • No more sliding down your driveway or getting stuck on the way up.
  • Floors stay safer and drier with no messy sand or salt that tracks into your home or business, scratches your flooring, or grinds into your rugs or carpets.

Effective and maintenance-free, snow melting systems are an excellent investment for both homeowners and businesses that bring property values up and keep liability insurance costs down. Before you begin that landscape remodel or begin building your new home or business, call Edward J. White, Inc. We'll be happy to show you all the advantages of investing in an in-ground snow melting system. Contact us, our estimates are always free, no-pressure and customized to meet your specific needs or call us: (574) 289-6351. Edward J. White, Inc.